About Bargha Studio.


Bargha Studio is photography and video Production Company established in Iran. The Company has professional digital photographers with over 30 Years experience. Managing Director is Mr Reza Asadollahi; he is a famous and professional photographer. After leaving school, he had a formal college education in photography, and after graduating, he has started his work.

He works in a range of countries such as Germany, UK, Iran, Italy, France, Turkey and Dubai. He is very adaptable to clients for individual requirements. Portrait photography either can be at home or any location of client choice. Wedding photography is offer in styles suit all tastes from traditional, reportage or a mixture of both.

Bargha Studio provides a ranch of services including weddings, portraits, corporate and modelling.

We have a thriving wedding side to our studio, resulting in some of the finest prints and albums available. Great emphasis is placed on the modern reportage style of photography, as well as more work that is traditional. You will find more information on these services by when you call us. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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